… a new and violent breed of underdogs

In late 2012, this new breed of underdogs known as CRIMENA was unleashed upon everyone, biting everyhting and everyone in their path. Originating in Craiova, the violent groove metal band is one of the best products of the local scene, approaching a fast but groovy type of music, rythm based, with subtle melodies from time to time.

Known for being very natural and outspoken, they manage to create an authentic connection with the audience. Their loud message regards politically-social problems, with a hint of anti-religion, promoting freedom of thought.

Seeing CRIMENA live is quite an experience, the band being energic, natural and unrestrained.

Since 2017, with the return of Cosmin, the vocalist, and with Andrei joining the band as the drummer, the band is now in its greatest form and formula. Their latest EP was launched in 2018 and was promoted through numerous tours in Europe.


In early 2015 CRIMENA put out their self released EP, „GENESIS VI:XIII” and in late 2015 got signed with THE LEADERS RECORDS, a record label based in Athens.

In 2016, under THE LEADERS RECORDS, the band released their debut full lenght studio album, named „CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL”. The story behin the album is a picture painted through time in which the atrocities committed by man in the name of a divinity is strongly criticised. The idea of man using the premise of religion in order to justifi atrocities is disputed on this album, from the early stages of mainstream Christianity („Quemadero”), until more recent events („Muttawa” – Mecca 2002). The artwork on the cover consists of the Christian god hanged by the gate of heaven, while the rest of the album is in the form of a digipack made to resemble a book (holy book).

In 2018, CRIMENA launched the EP called „REVELATIONS” and chose to do that independently, dropping the label. This is their most complex work yet, the 4 songs being molded around the message. The EP is strongly connected to the album, being the natural and final sequel of „CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL”. The four songs on the EP are related to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to 4 feelings and 4 different leaders (Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un).

The band is currently playing different cities and countries, promoting their music and their strong message, in the meantime creating new inspiring material.