Chapter One: Divine Betrayal

Behind The Curtains.

Story Of Ours.

Our story begins in the autumn of 2012 when, by joke and pure chance, the band was founded. We hit the stage after 3 months of rehearsals and some line-up changes

We offer our music with a no compromise, no bullshit attatched, in your face attitude, on and off the stage. We make our music from passion, we expect nothing from no one and we are determined to bring it to as many people as possible

We played as much as we could play, we started touring and crossing the borders to other countries and people started noticing. Some people left the band, others came and took their place, but the band still remains the same, holding on to the same values and principles and doing things from passion.

In 2016, after 3 years of hard work and crossing many obstacles, we released our first studio album, CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL. The music we bring to you on this album, and the music that will follow is honest, in your face, without "bells and whistles" but it has and always will have a strong message.

Keep a close eye on us because WE WILL come to a place near you soon.

Chapter One:



We had the name of the album even before we had agreed upon the name of the band, which means that every song we composed was in the idea of the album.
We tried to make it into a unified idea, a compact album where every element is tied together, offering an wider view upon the atrocities that men commitet and still do in the name of religion.

We had the honour of Richard Dawkins agreeing to appear in this album.

This album represents our work and passion for three years and also the first chapter of our story.

2016 Events

March 18 - Chapter One: Divine Betrayal Launch, Craiova, RO

March 19 - Legacy Metal Club, Ruse, BG

March 20 - Club Disorder, Svishtov, BG

March 25 - Quantic, Bucharest, RO

March 26 - Club Smile, Varna, BG

April 2 - Rock & Bikes Club, Sibiu, RO

April 14 - Bjelovar, Croatia

April 15 - Osijek, Croatia

April 16 - Slovenia

April 21 - Rockstadt, Brasov, RO

May 13 - Metal Bunker, Craiova, RO

May 20 - Open Air Festival, Svishtov, BG

May 21 - Open Air Motorbike Festival, Manesti, RO

June 4 - Revolution Festival, Timisoara, RO

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